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What happened to Marley Roof Tile Canada


Marley Roof Tile England

What happened to Marley Roof Tiles of Canada

Marley Roof Tiles of Canada manufactured and installed the Marley tile. In the late 1986 Marley was no longer involved in installation but continued to manufacture the tile for roofing contractors. With the slow down of construction at the beginning of the 1990's Marley sold the rights to make the tile and all warranties to Stirling Building Products. After a few years another person took control of Stirling and within a very short time problems arose and finally the company was shutdown and put into receivership.

Britannica Roofing is committed to assist owners in maintaining their roofs.
The Marley tile is a good product and will last a lifetime. Other materials not manufactured by Marley may need some upgrading (see birds, squirrels and valley damage). Once upgrades are done, and with an Annual Inspection almost all problems will be eliminated.

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