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What happened to Marley Roof Tile Canada


Marley Roof Tile England

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Marley Roof Tiles of Canada is no longer in business in North America.

Who will be taking care of your Marley roof?

"Britannica Roofing Inc."

"Quality from Start to Finish"

  Britannica Roofing Inc. has been installing Marley tiles for 39 years.  We have also dealt with most of the Marley tile service calls received for the last 30 years.

Some maintenance may be needed on your roof,


Britannica Roofing is continuing to offer it's yearly roof inspection service. Call for Details.

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  • Annual Roof Inspections
    Roofs need to be inspected annually to catch problems early before they lead to costly damage. It is more cost effective to have annual inspections and do small repairs if any problems were found, than to allow a problem to reach a point that you can notice leaks in your home.
       In an annual roof inspection we will:
  • Check for any loose or broken tiles.
  • Check flashings at walls and chimneys.
  • Check that furnace and washroom vent flashings are secure.
  • Clean valleys of any leaves (if needed).
  • Evaluate overall condition of roof.
  • *** (Call for quote) ***
  • Eaves troughs Cleaning
    Eaves troughs need cleaning to allow free flow of water from your roof. Water flowing over blocked eaves troughs may cause wall and foundation damage.
  • Chimney Caps Installed
    Chimney Caps will prevent birds from going into your fireplace.
  • Gutter Guards Installed
    Gutter Guards will keep leaves from clogging your eaves troughs, allowing the free flow of water off your roof. Avoiding the need for annual eaves troughs cleaning.
  • Snow Cleats Installed
    Snow Cleats may be needed on some areas of your Marley Roof to prevent large amounts of ice and snow from falling over entrance ways. Snow cleats break up ice and snow so that it falls in smaller pieces.
  • Birds & Squirrels removed
    Birds & Squirrels can find their way under the Marley (concrete) roof in certain areas. This can cause various problems. We have a method to seal the roof and keep the birds and squirrels out.
  • Valley Sealing
    Valleys, skylights and chimneys are vulnerable areas for the sheeting under the tiles to wear. Valleys should be sealed to prevent the chances of leaks.